Whose Line It Anyway

Whose Line It Anyway, American sitcom popular comedy series by ABC television.There are great memories of the program.This is very hilarious program as such.

The show consists of a panel of four performers who create characters, scenes and songs on the spot, in the style of short-form improvisation games, many taken from theatresports

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One step on moon..

In earlier article we have seen the software ground realities of software engineer’s profile.  That article is more on missing gaps.When software industry is moving in jet speed, but we lag in basics of the software engineering.
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The entry level software habits

Is software job interesting?

Is rules in software is different from other industries?

Always entry engineer thinks coding is only way to go?, Why not testing?. Some how in India/Indians think software testing last thing do?

Why so?

Why Software is the final profession?

We are born (or that of birth), people think, he/she is going to become software engineer. Some one might have told  in “software”, you make lot of money????

Who ever told this should be behind bars?.

Why not other professions ?

In software or many industries people live on pay-check to pay-check or depends on monthly income plan.

Back our subjected item

For example father/grand parents are in construction business, son/daughter grows thinking that we would build bridges/Apartments.

Agreed :)

Like wise every one including software parent(s), think their kids goes to do some software engineer job.   Kids think, as software engineer, writes software/coding is only job :).

Its like Mason builds the house .

So who will test what is delivered according to given specifications?

There comes our Test engineer, what he does?  (More roles on testing front can be seen in other artical

  • He makes sure the “given” requirement is in line with what is built?
  • Two types of them
  • Unit Test engineer (Basic rules)
    • He does while code is being written. Unfortunately people (at least in India) think, there is no separate role for this guy/girl
    • Why can developer to testing, is the question they ask?
    • It is like certifying the food you made?
    • Key is tow different pairs of looking at the code.Keep two opponents in team in these roles (one developer, one unit tester) :) . So we are creating conflict, it will make code quality better.
  • Unit Test engineer (Black Box)
  • He does while code is being written. Unfortunately people (at least in India) think, there is no separate role for this guy/girl
  • Why can developer to testing, is the question they ask?
  • It is like certifying the food you made?
  • Key is two different pairs (of eyes) looking at the code quality.
  • Unit Test engineer (White Box)
  • One who knows how to write code, good in code quality. He does code review (also). See all the conditions/cases passing through.
  • He is more less like testing, based on the code.

So who will verify the defects/tests/everything in control as for company norms?

  • There comes our Quality engineer, what he does?
    • All documents are in place /project plan/test plan/Quality checks and associated docs as per quality process
    • Is code review happening?. Verify the records
    • Is Statement-of-work or Initial agreements from the client is there?
    • Scope of work defined?

So who will verify the all components are integrated together?

  • The integration engineer/tester, sees if the all the modules related to particular work is integrated.
  • We can also this person as end-2-end or System testing person.
  • Read more on “System Testing?”

Now That we seen few roles other than software engineer on the same lines.  Let us his role and responsibilities

Roles of software engineer:

  • He should able under the system, he is working
  • Need consul the lead for directions
  • Need to understand the code quality and coding guidelines
  • Need to-know rules of programming
  • Need to know check in/check out  from source control systems.
  • Need to various setup to test/configuration to test.
  • Need to various test servers  and deployment servers
  • Need be able identify code, which is is causing problems oe defects

This article is based on recent experience in production and deployment issues.

Hope you agree with me.


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Charlie bit my finger – again !

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain

It is not about Charlie (2007, you tube hit), it is about the software and the issues associated with in :)charlie-bit-my-finger-image 

Few sub headings ,I want to expand (code that works, not sure “if code ever worked”, Production code is not same as test/developer’s machine :)

Code that works :)

Boss, you struggled hard-to code, skipping family functions, base ball functions, whats-app, Facebook chats.
  •  Spend few minutes/hours to update the documentation as part of the code/design documents
  • Have you followed the process set by your firm. Read on “Google Process”, “Quora process
  • Did you inform your team lead to assign some one to peer-review?

“All code changes at Google require peer review prior to submission, but in Jeff and Sanjay’s case, often one will send a large code review to the other, and the Jeaf Dean,  will immediately ‘LGTM’ (Looks Good to me) it, because they wrote the change together in the first place

  • Have updated your “Handy dandy notebook”, with issues you see with code?
  • Have you updated “release log”, with changes, version of mobiles/Apps/Hardware/etc ?
  • Have informed your “unit test team” to perform the testing?
  • Have you checked in the code?
  • Have taken code of earlier version compared what went in?
  • Before code hits “production server”/ “Live”, have at-least done staged server’s?
  • Code, configurations every thing need go in “source control system”
  • Have you attended learned about software pros?
  • Is your code is close to top software architecture ?
  • Have read about Jeff Dean in software world , from Google giant?
  • What happens next, you will be doing “E2E testing?

Guess, this is enough for today. Any thoughts?


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Fragile “Agile” blues

We have seen lot of articles on the Agile methodology.  Also one more on fragile Agile.

Requirements or user stories?

Unlike “water fall”, you don’t get full picture in user story. You need to specify the all the functional and non functional requirements.

For example, if your are constructing a lavish apartments,  you also need look at path to reach home other connected mechanism by means of transportation and wifi for internet and all.

In software world,  if you need any port enable required, security protocol required?. Do you need other functional stories associated with it. What kind of backup plans, if the other modules or de-scoped?

When the user stories are getting scoped, every one will rush to update stories like year beginning projections in corporate world.

Acceptance criteria:

What do we need in this particular release? .what we need to do. People really do-not care to check is it what it is required? . It is all happens just like that.  We definitely need sign off on the acceptance criteria before we start the development of the stories.

Code rollback:

It so happens, certain promised stories requirements can not be delivered? . What is strategy here? . Do you rollback or keep the code in dormant state.  Or revert the code for earlier versions? . All these rollback decision need to take few weeks before the release.  Otherwise code quality can go for toss.

Integration testing or system testing:

Before code handed over to Test team, need the components test results to verified and certified. We should also decide go/no-go this release ir later?

Regression testing:

After system testing, we also need regression pack. To see if other stories or causing problems.

User acceptance testing:

This is after test sign off.  User is stakeholders verify.

Agile  changes over time and place:

Like every language,  pronunciation changes as we travel 50 miles/kilometers distance.

Agile also changes from firm to firm. Also from project to project.  It all depends on the group /management/people.

Do you agree? . Please share your learning’s in a project.

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How to motivate teams?

Employee motivation:

In your career, you might have seen key components in employee motivation:)
Some high-level areas which will team to glue on tasks/with firm are as follows :)

1. Office space and location

2. Hygienic work environment

3. Employee recognition

4. Rewards

5. Team work

6. Team, group, firm ethics and polices

7. Management help and support

Do you like to add anything? 



How to suppress innovation or anything?

How many times , we hear most discouraging statements?.

Sometime people, talk so much negative about the your deeds. People try to de-motivate, and try to pull you down.

It is better to walk away from the people, tell them to “get well soon”

By doing this they will degrade you

  • It doesn’t make things progress.
  • It doesn’t build any confidence
  • It makes people walk away from the stuff, they are doing
  • It does take people down the memory lane
  • It would take directional change (negative sense)

There are many instances,  you will see people doing. it doesn’t make people big. People walk away from them.

As leader or manger, it’s your duty to make looks better.  The goal of leadership is to lead and direct from front.

Is there any incidents, you want to share?


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