Driving Carefully

cartelWhile traveling in RTC ( Road transport corporation) ,  ”  డ్ర్ వ ర్  గా రు

జా గ్ర త గా డ్రైవ్ చెయ్యండి , మీ వల్ల చాల ప్రాణాలు ఆధార పడతయి ”

( Means there are lot of lives depending on you, hence drive carefully)

board is displayed next to driver.

This is not only required “not only” during driving, but in all walks of the life.

Your own career 

1. Taking control of your own career.

2. If you have not learned anything or not grown for some time. Need to evaluate and need to find root cause.

3. Taking care of yours and others : If you manager or group head or corporate head, taking care of your reporters and asset’s is your responsibility.

As a owner of the firm/organizations

1. Acquisitions , revenue generation and re-organization would not impact work force.

2. Lot of people are depending on you

Please share your thoughts

Leadership re-defined

Leaders are not born, but manufactured. Manufacturing process is in built-in as part of the individuals.

Ford,India’s Narayana murthy. ex president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalamazoo and so on set the style and created atmosphere to grow technology and country.

It takes a great attitude in uplifting and tune the lives of the people.

Leadership is taking people,guiding,nurturing people.  They say,wherever leader stands,line starts from there.

What got you here,does not get there

This is not about the book, it is about life. Strategy which worked yesterday on something doesn’t work today.

It is like tortoise and hare story. Every time,you revisit and where you’re heading.

We travel,study,work lot. Once we reach somewhere you get stuck. You blame some one for failures.

Believing in evolutionary than revolution would work.

Constant change in the plan to meet goals would help.

Learning from everyone’s mistake and taking right step would help.

White elephent strategy

White elephant Strategy: It neither benefit or take a company/person nowhere. It is revenue leakage,reverse of cash cow. You could neither get out of that. It will take you down.

It is so happens some strategies and people promise heaven,where there is no or imaginary path.
White elephant is rear animal.In Hindu mythology God Indra’s vehicle is “Airavatha”

For British empire Uganda was like white elephant.

In Telugu language (southern india) there is stanza/literature “akkaraku raniti chuttam,mokkina varameyyani velpu” (Sumathi Satakam || Akkaraku Raani Chuttamu || Telugu Padyalu) pedia – Akkaraku Raani Chuttamu (అక్కరకు రాని …

Meaning : The relationship who is not useful,God who wouldn’t help in fulfilling wishes,a horse which is not useful in war is useless.

Are you a recruiter?

Recruitment is not a science but it is a art by itself.

1. Just by searching in jobsites for the x y z key words,you can not do justice.

2.Understand the problems statement,and visualize the person required there. What is competency required.

3. You need analyse and eliminate many resumes,before you actually do and hit a send button.

4.Do check with candidates for reference and hiring from their friend circle would help to reach and create a right team.

5. Crosschecking and analyze why they moved and what are they looking for?. Sometimes if you don’t understand the candidate “reject” them.

6. Hire someone,who can add value.They should think differently.

Missed Air-plane, meeting a girlfriend

There needs to be a plan sometimes. Planning should not take more time . Everyday deer runs in forest. Tiger runs faster than deer.

Planning should be in agile-way. Split the tasks in bunch of executable tasks. Like when u travel from San Jose to Napa-valley you will have driving directions.   . Drive few miles check if you are driving in right direction.

You miss a road take u turn and progress. Idea is to keep walking,driving until the destination is reached.

Arise awake stop not till goals are reached.

The title is story of extraordinary “Richard Branson” of virgin airlines. When he was supposed to meet girl friend,he missed the flight. And he pooled money and rents a airline.

Two Pizza Rule

“The ideal size of a meeting is two people. If your meeting has more than eight people it is no longer a meeting, it is a concert.” — Auren Hoffman

More than two is a crowd, if you are starting an activity with more than two: It is bound to fail :)

Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) has a concept of having team size of eight, with decentralize team. So that are decisions taken and/or constructive.

If you invite all the top people/bigwigs/HiPPO (“highest paid person’s opinion” ), meeting’s purpose is deceived.

Some times meetings are to show case, top people’s abilities . Some times, meeting are arranged to discuss about “next meetings”.

How do we achieve productivity in meetings?.  Ideally meeting should have agenda’s and should able cover for pre-defined time.
Hope you agree?