Agile working and roles

The data represented might be collected from various sources and it is collated here based on the some of my experiences on couple of project, I was involved and interacted with various stake-holders.

E2E Project Manager
1. Would be responsible for planning, tracking, quality goals, milestone delivery, customer interface, project health reporting to next level.

E2E Delivery Manager
1. Would be responsible for actually delivery and may or may not report to E2E PM. the resources would report to DM.

2. He is core responsible for project delivery, re-sourcing, mentoring, follow-up with E2E PM, tracking, meeting deadlines with quality goals.

3. He will be in-synch with E2E PM on overall plan of the project.

Program Manager

1. Would be responsible and accountable for all the projects/ programs under his umbrella.

2. He would perform routine checkups, on health, issues, reporting, updating customer, risks, health and smooth flow of roadmap of the program till completion.

3. E2E PM and E2E DM will report to him.

4. He works in co-operation with product manager.

5. He serves as the single point of contact to the matrix organization.

[The program Management info is available at []

Product Manager

1. Responsible for the product roadmap defined and given to him.

2. He would analyze, the roadmap, technical “know how”, drive it from the product process and delivery. He would help/co-ordinated E2E PM and E2E DM. He is single point contact.

3. This person will be key customer contact.

PMO office/PMO cabinet

1. Responsible for analyzing the data and help “delivery manager”,” Program Manager” office.

2. He will report to Program Manager and SPOC.

Solution Design Team

1. Responsible for design activities in “concept” or “Requirement gathering stage”. Also in HLD, Architecture of the product.

Product development teams:

1. They are kind of “Design and development” teams. They may be from differnt product development firms or “Service organizations”

Org structure:
1. Product Manager

-> Will have his own organization

2. Program Manager

-> E2E Delivery

-> E2E Project/Project Manager

-> E2E Solution Design

3. E2E Delivery
-> He has dotted teams, and responsible for the deliveries. He works in the framework of Project Manager Organization

4. E2E Project/Project Manager

-> Has teams, and will help to achieve the targets of the delivery manager. Delivery manger sits in his organization. Project Manager also as a people management responsibility

5.E2E Solution Design

-> Has teams, will help teams to deliver the targets/work defined by the Delivery Manager as was well as the program manager. He has people management of his own organization


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