"Conventional process models" and issues

Conventional models and their pit-falls are discussed here:

Some of the conventional model like “water fall” uses follwoing process Water fall model

In the conventional model, the process is

• Project Launch
• Requirement gathering and analysis
• Coding
• Testing
• Deployment

The pit-falls are as follows:

1.There is “heavy weight” amount of documentation and HLD, LLD. The same might will change drastically,
2.Also there is no process of bringing customer centric , customer’s contribution may not be high.
3.Testing and code reviews, are last elements after development is done.
4.UAT also executed by team, who is doing the project, the development and test teams falls into the same “project manager’s area”, which may influence the “test and developers” area.
5.”Schedules” and “people” are planned at the beginning, without understanding overall system.


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