My Contribution to Products

This is more of high-level details of products, I have worked with:

1. Canon Portable Media Player:

This is Higher end , photho storage device like I-PAQ [60GB], Linux based device.

Web Address:
Role and Responsibility: “Software Project Manager”

2. Neuroptics:(“Eye Scanning device”)

This was Seven people start-up in 2001. The product is based on Intel X86, Windows CE Version 2.0/3.0.

Re-written OS calls/ API/Drivers as porting from 2.0 –>3.0 was a issues .

Web Address: : “

Role and Responsibility: “Operating Systems Developer and architect”

3. Symbol/Motorola/Telxon Mobile/handheld devices:

a. In Telxon [1999-2001] got acquired by Symbol in 2001],started as software engineer and worked on Windows CE 2.11/2.12??/3.0versions of OS and the frame work is used across various product line.
b. In Telxon worked on “Bootloader based diags” for SH4 processor.
c. In Symbol [2003, got acquired in 2008??] worked as Test Lead

4. Infineon Mobile Phones:

Worked as a “Test Manager and Customer Support Manager” for the APOXI based product line. In this build “rules and regulations” in the above areas work.


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