Why Agile is too fragile

I wrote my earlier articles about agile benefits and working, various roles and responsibility topics. Now I am writing about pitfalls and issues of agile.

1. Agile is attractive [like any democracy, people will take advantage of rules and mis-utilize them] as it provides flexibility to postpone things, and resolving or deciding/completing in 11th hour.
-> Agile says limited or just in case planning. Some time’s you may have to go over-board and plan few ground rules as and when we are working
-> If we are working on architecture (for entire project), please decide now. As this will be base-line for your next step.
-> Decide on few release notes, MPP plans, Risk register and other essential documents.
-> Also decide on the deadlines, budget, and quality and adhere to all the software process ground rules

2. some times agile project, goes on infinite mode, as it is always work in progress. Teams feel it is no time bound project.
-> Attach boundaries
-> Attach quality, process conformance
-> Attach and follow regular process guidelines

3. Using traditional water fall acquainted manager will be too dangerous. My friend in different organization was running SCRUM call [max limit 30 minutes] with all team members.

4. In multi vendor and country project and organization it is too challenging. So many rules and process, so little time to fix all the problems by a in charge.

5. Get the strong delivery person to resolve the problems and manage or micro-manage. And also use agile process guidelines to get the maximum output. Use burned-down charts for progress monitoring and reporting.

6. If you are working Agile based method, please use the experienced person to guide the team.

Wrote in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley [Oct 31st 2008]


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