Overloaded Project Manager

Even thought I left C++ coding long back, I ma using this terms not write about OOPS, but about the poor Project Manager (not because current USA recession, in clinton/obama’s tenure) who has to do many tasks (for one salary)
1. Customer interaction
2. Team management (360 degrees team, who will pull PM in 360 angles)
3. Un happy customers (always customer will be un happy, as they need lot of features and delivery in record time)
4. Senior Management: Who needs PM’s presence in all meetings and also they want to get delivery done.
5. Product delivery and project delivery with zero or No defects (it is so funny, how can we build the product without any bugs)
1. Split/reduce the role of PM
2. Add a delivery manager, who can do the deliveries without taking PM concentration on the other parts of the Project Management
3. Add a 2/3 team project “PMO” (Project Management office) team to assist and help to track and take some load from the PM
4. Get the help of strong Quality, test, Process teams to speedy development and delivery of project
5. Add good CCB board and reduce the “scope creep”
6. Hire a technical architect to work on modular development and architecture building of the product.
7. Keep and monitor time-lines f the project

[Written in Bangalore (India’s Silicon Valley) Nov 1st 2008, Karnataka/Andhra formation day]


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