Manager VS Leader

This is not an interview query 🙂

I was browsing my mind with Google desktop..

Before I jump in to this, let’s classify managers and their quality.

Opportunistic Manager:

One who takes the work from team member or team, and use’s in his/her favor. He/she may not know how get the work done. Once this done you is out-of-the team or your size will get into half/zero. Not many managers are like this. This kind manager are good “delivery manager” people. They are not into people management jobs

Helpful Manager: He is always there, when it is needed. When ever team is in problem he is always there. He is efficient person. This quality people may not be good “delivery guys”

Manager (any): This person is accountable, will be interested in getting the work done. If he needs to control the team, he may have to escalate or work with the team, in order to achieve required results.

Leader: Irrespective project/program deliveries, the leader will guide the team, and able to get respect from team and organization. He is the person who will be “role model” and “guide” to the team.

Nowadays you will see more managers than leader. Leaders will choose right people for the right job. And will keep the team “mode” and “tempo” in proper direction.

Leaders are more suitable for the “R& D” research, start-up modes.

Some of the quotes from
1. “The managers deal with processes, the leaders deal with people.”
2. A good Manager does things right, while a good Leader does the …right things.
3. I believe there are 2 main differences between a leader and a manager. A leader has vision for directions/opportunities unseen and the self-confidence to drive a team/organization toward those opportunities.
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[Wrote in Pune “Nov 19th 2008”]


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