Managing/motivating a Team member

At any point of time, you may lead, going to lead the team. Some of them are my learning’s in working as PM (something as a good PM and good citizen :))
1. If you have a inducted team member or got a “team member”, who is reporting to you, please see where this person fitting
2. Assign the correct and suitable role, at least closest role, where this person can fit in
3. Explain the “role and responsibility”, if you are familiar with. Or ask some one explain what this person is going to work on
4. Arrange the KT/training
5. Sit and explain the tasks needed to perform, for making work successful
6. Please organize a mentor to help this person
7. Without giving KT/training/helping person to grow, the person may not perform well. It should not affect the “team member’s”, performance, just because you could not help him any way
8. Treat the “team member’s with due respect”, as this person, who ever he is going bring the success to the project.

[Written in Pune 20th Nov 2008]


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