Why do we need an architect?

1. When we are building a house/county/town will hire somebody to analyze and define the models/modules so that construction will be easy and as required to the customer.

2. Same thing when we do software/hardware development we will be so careless and do not think there is requirement for the “architect”

3. When you are doing the “new project” or work see if there is requirement or some body who has good understanding about the product. The JD of the architect need to be created and need to get the person, in order to reduce timelines and to produce the “good product”

4. There are several websites where you can get good articles of the same.

5. Even if you don’t have architect on board, of the product being developed.

6. Good architect is like good leader, he builds the house as per the requirement.

[Wrote in Pune ; 20th Nov 2008 ]


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