Indian Leadership

Coming to Indian management is kind of traditional in nature. The philosophy of Indian managers is difficult to understand.

The western, American style is more of participative style. Where as Indian management will have their own style, they tend not involve the sub-ordinates in the critical decision management unlike the western manager’s.

The management style needs to be tuned to the culture/people/traditions/nature of the country.

There were several books written by various authors, which I will mention at end of this article.

The following possibilities are tested; the following may not work out
–>leadership by American, Europe born CEO/MD’s,
–>expatriates [Indians stayed and worked out-side India for long duration].

Understanding the culture, politics, management style needs good amount effort. Thee is great book *CYBTH* which talks about “i” management. In this book Prof Arvindam Chaudhuri , explains more about the same [Identification, Cure, Remedy]

*CYBTH* –> Count Your Chickens before they Hatch.

[Hyderabad Nov 29 2008]


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