Why do u need SQA?

What is SQA?. It review/audit of the each artifact, document, code and also verification of the produce by doing testing.

Lot of times we hear people talking about the project plan or about the team , they will be thinking in terms of testers and developers but we miss and do not discuss or recruit SQA people are involve them.

SQA is main key for any product or project. We always think about the delivery, but how successful delivery is not we think. Good code, document review, architecture review can help in reducing number of bugs as well as developing right product.

To better understand, every team should work with china, Japan product development. Working with Japanese is spending time in military. My earlier manager used say we have to send all the software/PM’s to war to understand the need of sincerity ad dedication required in the work and commitment in delivering the right product.

[Written in Hyderabad Nov 29th 2008]


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