So called Financial Freedom firms :)

Following article is written based on my exp in India, USA with couple of “Financial freedom” firms. These firms will use their own schemes to get money from people. I call them as FF wing firms [Financial Freedom wing]”

Their business is to sell products through referrals [Soaps, tooth Paste, Gold Coins, Vacations, Liquid’s and so on] on commission basis.

The 10 common symptoms, you see from FF wing or person

1.All of the sudden, they start discussing about their financial problems and they ask your suggestion to get out of the financial problems.

2.They will be using tricks of self-help book’s contents and will explain you about the same.

3.They will never use term called “selling” instead they use following terms
–> Building business/enterprise
–> Helping people
–> Setting up own office.

4. They will ask your appointment for the business plan discussion. But they will skip in pre-text of “urgent business” related meetings, as if this person owns BIG MNC.

5. At least few members [FF Wing] might have toured “all seven wonders” of the world. Their last “business” meeting might have held in Kuwait or some Dream Island’s where Bill Gates and Clinton frequently visit 🙂

6. They blow their own trumpet saying that they have set-up several offices in top business destinations, around the world.

7. Countless of FF wing might have resigned already resigned from Microsoft, IBM or Intel [from Senior Vice President or Managing Partner level].

8. They might have hired couple of CPA’s/ CA’s to do their tax calculation.

9. They say, you will get infinite amount of money.

10. They have major accounts in top Banks and own many multinational firms

[ Wrote in Volvo Bus, @the way to Hyderabad, Dec 14th 2008]


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