Introductions to Embedded XP

Microsoft started its embedded innings, by working on Wince embedded OS, from scratch.

Microsoft constantly works on innovations, additions, enhancements to meet customer’s requirements. Most of the groups independently work similar to start-up’s to create better features.

Wince started by focusing STB, TV, CAR audio as basic industry segments and consolidation of product line, gave “n “ number varieties of the product lines and verticals, over more than 10 years time . For latest info, please consult Microsoft embedded site.

Desktop customization to meet embedded world:
In parallel with windows CE, Microsoft also started working on delivering customized NT/XP desktop to fit into embedded product framework. For doing this Microsoft has created platform, which can be customizable by end user [just like Windows CE]

Let us discuss, the scope and details of Embedded NT/XP
•As name suggested, they are based out of the NT or XP .
•Embedded NT is older version, not sure if MS is supporting it, as of now?
•There are certain steps needs to be followed , so that the OEM can build his/her product, using the existing/underlying framework
•As both are based on the Desktop, there is no battery required for operation unlike windows CE devices
•OEM can use the headless versions [monitor less versions]
•This is can be used as ATM, servers, special purpose devices
•By using this kind of configurations, customer can avail facilities of desktop, look and feel of desktop, without sacrificing memory, power unlike windows CE

Installation & configuration:
•Consult MS web site

For more details, more information:

[Wrote , based on query on Orkut forum . Wrote in Hyderbad train [Jan 9th 2009]


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