Re-allocating from elsewhere to onsite/offshore location

In this article I would like to touch upon few pointers when you are
moving for better prospects’ from onsite to offshore/onsite during career movement.

As this article is most refereed in my  blogs, adding few more images/tools


3.Insurance (car, dental, medical, eye, House, family or any others)  

4. Temperature conditions 

5. Special Precautions, you need to take 

6. Travel (to and from the current location) 

7.Good and bad about the firm (it help you, whether you can really move) 

8. Visa (required traveling, if any). And need to check if firm provides for
employee and family.

9. Do search on the web about the firm. This will help you the kind firm you
are going to work

10.Countries economical and political conditions.

11. If you need sponsor, see if your firm can do or not 

12. Check if it is worth to travel, if the company’s name/fame/financial

13. Use location change calculator’s, which will tell you how much salary you
have make (calc1, calc2(

  • if you are moving from location “x” to “y”. 
    For example the cost difference from living California and Texas will be 15,000
    USD. That means if you are getting a salary of 50K in California, 35K is
    sufficient to live.

15. See the current job situation in the place where you are going? 

16. Schools/college’s for you and your family members 

17. Transportation facilities to commute to work and other places  

18. Driving conditions 

19. Use location change calculator’s, which will tell you how much salary you
have to get

20. Safety of location (hotel, apartment and locality): Usually this is major
thing you need to consider, if you are staying alone or with family. 

locations where you should not stay. Check with people about the safety. It
better you visit the area during night time also day time to see the locality.

Wrote in response to query posted in social networking site [Hyderabad 24th Jan 2009]


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