Configuration management blues:)

Want to keep this article too short and sweet 🙂
If you are running/going through follwoing issues in project, then it shows you are not mastered/executed proper project/release plan
1. Bug x, is fixed version 22.0 still happens in 24, 27
2. When you complie code on John’s machine only code will work
3. We have no idea, what went in version 1 and version 33
4. These bug was never fixed in any version?
5. Rama is is using version one of project plan, thomas is using version 22 of the plan
6. Client is expecting nuclear rector, developer’s are building a coffes shop
7. This code always work in Japan but not at client’s place
8. Code breaks if you add the module-2

Refer follwoing to undertand more details of “configuration management”


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