My Team, managers and others

Have seen many outstanding managers, Team members would like go over there qualities, if you know whom I am talking you can send me e-mail or comment, Their designations are at the time my interaction.

Vice President: [VP|She is the most energetic person. She is like information gateway, excellent at her area of work. She is ultra fast in thinking, communication. Has won everyone, with her decent work ethic

Group Head He is something similar to VP. He so knowledgably and he was doing coding In meeting1,Strategy planning in meeting 2. Has made a group and team to excel. We miss him so much; he is a true leader

IDU Head He is extremely good on numbers, how to make profit, how to solve problems.

Test Manager He was colleague and became a manager and, very good at team handling Also co-founder of various firms

Team Member This person was almost out-of College. Firs time we hired this person for smallest module, and taken over entire product. I am very fortunate to work with this person. How ever this description fits with many others

Overall, it is very hard to find good people, projects, work, non political place . Have fortunate I could find them. The start-up experince, product management exp is really useful, as you walk many miles.

Job with motivation, good team, and good projects are like “kohinoor diamonds”very hard to find.


3 thoughts on “My Team, managers and others

  1. Ravi says:

    Great, VP or Group head who is more people focus and communicate very well. any way i appreciate your team structure

    All the best.

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