Management has to manage

Management has to manage: **

During last week one of my friend brother called me told me he is going to take up “project manager position” for first time in life . He wanted few tips on the “project management side”.
1. Once I was asked in one of the interview “what will be your first assignment as a manager”. I explained him the first and foremost thing is first will take-up the most critical and burning issues, and resolve it.
2. Understand the “nature of work”
3. Identify/get to know the key stake-holders
4. Make a plan based on the J.D u got the from your manager and peers
5. Start working on immediate “tasks at hand”. (Like when I joined the “test lead” in “wireless firm”, my first assignment was formulating the test plans, test documents, hiring the team. In this assignment my day started with attending the first meeting . I got couple of action items. Consultant was surprised to here this)
6. Align and direct, motivate, assign tasks to the team. When I started in San Jose job, my first task to assign the work and guide them
7. There is one good book “One minute manager” and couple of self help books will guide new manager.
8. As manger u should able to clearly define and set goals,expectations. And also able to manage their expectations.
9. And also create a team and re-align them as and when the scope changes. Hire/fire/ release

** is the quote I got from life history particular Raytheon [Sr person , where he started his career as sales man, stock broker and finally to manage the firm.] corporate affairs. He has studied company position , and has changed the direction of firm

Some more further references:


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