Job/career planning

How to get into a job faster:
Irrespective experience level, everyone will be in job-search phase, sooner or later. This article is about the job search; rather it is easy a way to get your job ambitions meet.
It is based our family and friends experience, thanks to those who shared present approaches for the faster job change/project change

Some of highlights at very high level
       Relaying on job boards and paper resumes is obsolete
       Networking Online is good and safe bet
       Orkut, LinkedIn, face book, plaxo are important to entrepreneurs and VCs also
       Keep you contact info up to-date , as average person changes keep track using the Plaxo
       Start attending social networking tools and communities who can help you

Some of the examples:
       Mr Bob (the builder) is looking for the job change or looking for the part-time work.
       Mrs Amy Sr VP in Oracle corporation, looking to for change, the current role is into R & D . However she is interested in “marketing/purchase” activities
       John was un-employed due to recession/off shoring activities.
       Mr Johnson wants to explore profession out of medical product firm.

Plan you career, like you plan weekend J
The following are some of the points, which can be applied where ever career/job change is?.. At very stage you have plan the move. This “not like” (Nice self-help book).  Couple books you should read are “What color is parachute”, One Minute Manger”, “Who Moved my cheese” and many other books are useful for motivation

      My cousin, who was just getting into a job was enquiring, when he getting enrolled after 10+2, which course will give him better career advantage. So basically stepping stone, for success starts from the relevant education, job courses ( May be English/French/german course, personality development, IT related activities) will help sooner or later in your career.
       As we are growing, during the studies, we have certain goals to become like Micro-soft CEO “Bill Gates”, (RIP )Steve jobs (Apple), becoming Mr Bob (the builder) to build the Giant like Google, Wipro, Philips, Motorola firms
       As we grow, we plan to become a movie mogul/giant like Tom Cruise, produce something like “Disney”. You have to plan every-step as you travel. This reminds me “Stopping-by-woods” poem. As child Abraham Lincoln, has failed many times, and he took advice of lady who told him to “grow mustache” for winning elections. This may one of the activity which helped him, in presidential elections. Walt Disney, failed cartoonist, took his kid for Merry-go-round”, and built an empire with one idea.
        People who want move one profession to other like construction to IT or kids convent. There was movie in which arnolnd schwznager acted in movie called as “kinder-garden cop”, where he was cop/police, has to work as “kinder garden teacher”. He has transform himself to fit into school.. Like this you have to plan your career or change, you need right tools/technology, you should be acquainted with.
       Someone who wants to get into “Business Analyst”, must be trained with relevant certifications/further studies
       Some who is looking for “construction” or civil must be equipped, at least should have relevant intern/project work. The right word and project will help you get right job.
       Always use web/library to get yourself acquainted with your future work.
       Also you can keep some one as as a dream person. This may be your relative, friend, Manager and follow great qualities of the person.
       Career progression can be planned, and keep reviewing the work/project you are doing, also follow your instinct.
       Learn while you work, understand key differentiators in performing a activity. Be prepared to more work, with stipulated time. If you are the designer understand the architecture of the piece of the project you are working on.  For example, building hotel needs different architecture compared to a housing project.
       Rome is not built in a day, Like in a movie “ten commandments” roam is built piece by piece.
       Involve in technical/project discussion to get a good picture while you work-on,
       Good relationship with you network, manager, peers will be able to help.
       Keep you hobby, (for example writing, reading, painting), which will help you to keep motivation intact in trouble time. Something likes keeping your heart in check by saying “All is well” Indian/Hindi movie, where Amir Khan acted.
       Participate in carrer events, technical discussion, where you can learn trends, and keep learing the skills you don’t have. For example watching Job advertisement and learning missing things (for example you want to become a HR person)
       Start/Join a study group to learn new skills, join library group, LinkedIn/orkut/Xing social networking sites to get abreast of the things and keep your contacts (without getting addicted to it). Students, who are addicted to face book and other forums, will see ranks/% of marks drop as time goes-on.
       Keep articles pertaining to your work, may be magazines, certificates, credentials, job recommendation, contacts that can provide reference when you change one firm to other/project.
       Keep checking with contacts/well-wishers if you are looking for job change/project change.
       Work towards working towards the end goal.
       Start using/reading un-used material in your computer, or books which has reached the top of the rack.
       Keep updating/re-writing resume, every time you re-write and get it review quality of resume is enhanced.
       Choose/research a right firm, which will enhance your career, as well as your cash position. Also see are you getting into a dead-end position.
       Connect with right “Positive thinking” people in your network, keep motivate yourself. 

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