Product development in Agile way

It is been quite while have posted anything. Based on my blog friends request, would like bring in new and closer to my heart,

Product development is a very big subject, and it is long journey. It needs many areas of specialization. It is like a making movie, everything needs a script. And needs wide varieties of experience and exposure. Several people have requested me to cover this.


Agile is a way thinking, how you develop and deliver and deploy from the concept.


Product development envisages a identifying the product, conceptualization, execution identification, delivery modes, market segment identification.

1. Market segmentation identification: This involves various factors such as exposed area of customers, product, budget availability, team capabilities

2. Conceptualization: Once the product is identified, the mode of development to be planned. This is more of creating framework/model. This is may be use of “architecture model” as of “Gang of Four” authors, or building a prototype. This might be rough script/sketch. This can also consider as “throw away prototyping”. This is like tasting the /checking the food, before final recipe is made.

3. Delivery modes: Need to decide which model will work better, based on the scope of work and client (Prototype, Agile, and Waterfall)


Agile way:

There are several articles in the web on this. However this is more of prototype, small delivery way. Where in you have small deliveries, unlike developing like water fall model. In this customer is on the site, and he/she involved in various stages.

Some of the roles :

1. E2E delivery manager

2. Design team

3. Test team

4. Delivery team

5. Deployment team

6. Program management team

My previous articles cover the entire role in details





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