Varadaraja Swamy Irrigation project

Siva Bhashyam Sagar Varada Raja Swamy Gudi Project is Medium Irrigation in Andhra prdesh, in south of India around 200km from Hyderabad.This is source for surroundings villages for irrigation purpose. Historical this ares does not have major canels for irrigation purpose.  Even though there are small ponds (in local language Telugu it is called as Cheruvu), they will help farmers, they are dependent on Rain water.

During some analysis great irrigation person and staunch supporter of such kind projects, have estimated major resource for water.

This project constructed across Munimadugula vagu, Kurnool district.  in Atmakur; Kothapalli (M).

Project View

An amount of Rs.1.00 crores is provided in the Budget Estimate for the year 2012-2013.

The dam site is located in the Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailarm, Tiger Reserve forest area. This is located near by Atmakur (Kurnool)

There was major history, behind this project. Initially K L Rao (Dr. K.L.Rao, the former Union Minister for Water Resources as an Eminent authority on irrigation projects like big dams)

suggested there is huge  potential of minor irrigation project at this location.

Local leaders such as Dr Padmanabha Chary, Shiva Bashyam. Bhaskaruni Gopala krishnamurthy (my father), many others were involved in non-violence movement.
Local leaders who took this into their hands and fought for this cause. When we are growing of my father was also involved in this activity. Most of the leaders are historical from Jana Singh.

Finally project is successfully completed and providing water for surrounding villages.

(The below photo is of  Dr K L Rao.  Next photo is during atken,  5th death anniversary Mr Shiva bhasyam, who is also involved in this movement. My father is speaking on this occasion.)

 K L Rao


Thanks for over-warming response to this blog, this has surpassed hits of my other blogs. Please feel free to comment and send me what else your looking in this. During my school days this movement was happening  and that’s why I could see before my eyes, struggles our villagers faced.

This info is based, info I know . Please provide comments and suggestions on this.




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