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Thanks for very good support, for all my readers.  There are so many people, colleagues  friends have provided me feedback, constant motivation. I am indebted to every one, who helped me in this process.

Have started my blogging back in Ipswich (UK), during work visit.  That was first time, was involved in full fledged E2E  delivery for the telecom giant.

During this time, I used to share knowledge to new-comers.

The articles, either were very spontaneous, and have written during my travel (with in South India and Pune).

From 2008 on wards I could write 86 articles and with varied subjects.  I am embedded engineer at heart, most of my leanings are in  work-place. These number may be from the time , I installed

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Some day I will write the motivation behind  these articles , until then bye bye.

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