Jeff Dean – Rockstar/James-bond of Google :)

Jeff Dean is a Google Fellow who designed (with others) a lot of Google’s biggest infrastructure projects as well as multiple iterations of the main search infrastructure.

Dean is part of a small group of Google engineers who designed the fundamental software and hardware that underpinned the company’s rise to the web’s most dominant force, and these creations are now mimicked by the rest of the net’s biggest names — not to mention countless others looking to bring the Google way to businesses beyond the web.

Jeff Dean didn’t build Google because he’s Jeff Dean, he’s Jeff Dean because he built Google.

Jeffrey Dean
Google Fellow- Jeff Dean

In the engineering community, two of the main things Google is respected for are:

  • Achieving incredible speed and massive scale on their search product
  • Inventing many of systems and paradigms that companies today use to handle big data

Dean was instrumental in both of those. The two drove each other of course; the performance needs of Google’s search engine provided some of the key initial use cases for systems like MapReduce and BigTable.

There are several jokes on Jeff 

  • “Jeff Dean compiles and runs his code before submitting, but only to check for compiler and CPU bugs.”
  • “Jeff Dean once failed a Turing test when he correctly identified the 203rd Fibonacci number in less than a second.”
  • “The speed of light in a vacuum used to be about 35 mph. Then Jeff Dean spent a weekend optimizing physics.”
  • “Jeff Dean was born on December 31, 1969 at 11:48 PM. It took him twelve minutes to implement his first time counter.”
  • “Jeff Dean escews both Emacs and VI. He types his code into zcat, because it’s faster that way.”

The above data is taken from Quora, and web sites. Data may be proprietary of the Quora, Google.   

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