Quora’s Techno Startup process/tools

Quora is questions and answer forum. User community will post and answer.

Quora is a great example of a modern tech start-up. They are very small team who understand the technologies they are using very well. They have made considered choices in the technology they have selected and have a good vision of which components would be better written from scratch

Founder’s are ex-Facebook employees. Quora starts to do more on Bigdata, machine language learning.

Quora uses AWS (Amazon web service) for hosting the site.  This cloud management software helps firm. Python is coding language, as founder’s were familiar with and other reasons. Ubunt Linux is used for development. This is compatible with amazon web services.

Developmental team  gets MacBook, 30 Inch monitor, ergo keyboard and chairs to start with.

When the code is developed, the code is reviewed and unit tested/deployed to final systems. Also JavaScript checks were done by “Google Closure Compiler”.  Cloud management tool/package deployment system is Boxman. It is in-house tool, and similar to Yum or Synptic. Boxman also boots the system , if the system fails to respond after particular build. This is system is being enhanced/modeled after tools .

Most of the teams and firm works on silicon valley Start-up mode. That includes free food via waiter.com.    Early team members guide and teach. Collaborated group activities for better team building.
Team watches technology videos on in-house.

One hour project day: team picks up all tasks which can do an hour. Short scrums were used to close the tasks. Good code reviews, team effort make Quora successful firm.

Quora uses various tools and third party stuff software and tools in day today job.

Tools are: Asana , Dropbox, gitchub, Hipchat, Hootsuite, Jobvite, Mixpanel, phaseruby, Phabricator, Sendgrid

1. Quora.com web site
2. bigfastblog Quora technolgy


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