Staging process in agile world

Some how I get hooked onto few things for last few years n the code quality and product engineering, how we deliver the quality code.
Looks like working in several start-ups (as a software engineer in USA), Project Manager in several firms (Embedded and Telecom) firms and reading is helping me to get into product development. Most this is based on reading/experience what I have seen over my career
For the sake of example, we would take three component/modules, which will be in final product.
Example A, B , C are components
Deployment/Test servers: Server-1 (Component), Server-2 (Integration), Server-3 (Test Server), Server-4 (Live Server)
Component Test servers (Server-1):
·        At the coding stage, usually development is done on local machine or cloud system.
·        Also if we also do “pair programming”, that will create greater quality code.
·        Once coding is done the component or module level is done, after that testing to be done
·        Tested code to deploy in server-2 and suitable testing, code to be reviewed to be done.
Integration servers (Server-2):
·        At this server code we  integrate all , and proper testing is done
Integration servers (Server-3/4):
·        We move the same set of code to different servers and test it
Liver server:
·        Final deployment, whole world sees this  
Staging the code in various server will help quality of the product. 

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