Cloud Computing – Value Add to IT

Cloud computing and advantages

In previous article, have covered couple of cloud architectures and firms. Now we will see what is value add by using the “Cloud”
75% the firms are already started using the “Cloud”. Lot of smaller firms are taking advantage of the cloud.


1. Few coolest things you can do, is there is no need t build too much infra. Following screenshot show, by using AWS (Amazon Web Services).  Each cloud application will have it’s own savings
2. As bushiness expands you can extend the packages, so that and expensive service Infrastructure department/maintenance staff can be avoided.
3. Data on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere Ex : Google Apps, Quora, Dropbox 
4. Cloud will saves approximately 35 % of costs. Following picture shows  in cloud you can do things faster than it takes.
5. Quora is simple “Question and answer firm” has explained it development process also. At the end of articles its shows several cloud applications they are using. The following picture shows amount of hits they are using, as start up building own servers and space is time consuming. Hence they are using “Amazon Web Services” AWS cloud engine.

6. Various cloud firms will provide tools for the configuration cost for the particular application/Infrastructure.

Disclaimer: Contents, screenshots are proprietary of respective firms.
Collbarative tools:
  2. Amazon calculator (
  3. Teamlab (

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