Time-off at work :)

Team motivation and Innovatin

1. Google’s 20 percentage time :

As you might have noticed, teams must spend 20 percentage time on un-allocated projects. Performance will not be tracked on that time.  Several innovations are  generated out of this  time.

According to Marissa Mayer some of the projects came from 20 % (Gmail, Google News, Google Talk, Orkut, Google Sky, Google Moderator, Google RechargeIT and Google Grants)

2. 3M also has similar policy of time-off from the work assigned (in 1974) . Masking tape and Post-it is part of  the innovations. 3M has 15-85 rule. They also invented Dynamo. 

3. HP had 10-90 rule. HTML was invented that time. 
4. Yahoo had this policy to build something in offsite meeting.

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