Memcached is distributed cache program, which is used to get data which in predefined process. With the data being generated tremendously due to social networking and cloud applications.

  •  Memcache helps and augments in data fetch from the existing ram, avoiding turn-around make trip to main database server.
  • Memcached is supported in many dev languages.
  • Memcache is widely used in facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.
  • Memcached is server.
  • Special Memcached servers are used to have cache access.    It uses key, value pair. Key will be 255 characters. Value is 1MB.
  • In facebook with this Memcache 90 percent of data is fetched from cache.This is amazing architecture. It uses ram based cache. It store most recent data.  it had its own flash implementation flashcache.  Simple writeback cache is used.
  • In facebook when user comments that is stored in database Aswell as on cache. Once the next comment from user, this data stay in cache. Facebook uses its own cache based on the MySql

What to store?

  • Frequently accessed data
  • High computational data
  • Most sharable data across users



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