American Management

This is based on my experience and what I learned in USA.

1. In one American firm, the person was very frustrated and decided to quit. He meet his senior president and told him, he I’d leaving as he can implement creation ideas, as system is not allowing.

His senior told him to postpone his decisions.  After series of brain-storming he decided to stay back.

Many years later same engineer retired as CEO of the same firm. And build great Leadership team.

2.  The successive government , people and universities build a great technology in USA. Most of the innovations and historic stuff came from land of dreams and hopes.

Such a collaborative approach has made USA as a great place to live and work.

3. The ford took inspiration from various existing thinks and parallel processing and Japanese “just in time” process. He was the one who changed the mode of transport. He is the main person behind entire journey. He doubled the salary of the team, so they put more efforts and build great car model.

4. Steve Jobs , great CEO of Apple has done great to the society and had build great organization

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