Netflix Architecture (Movie /Content)

Netflix movie DVD rental/shipping firm (old school Architecture)

Netflix is DVD shipment firm. Customer’s can place orders , the DVDS will Fedexed to customers address.

Old System:

The system is very minimal which used have one location based system could able fail , and firm wanted build the fault tolerant, no single point failure systems.

Netflix Technology incentive movie delivery

Firm wanted to getaway from the system maintenance and to concentrate on the core business.

Some Use-cases

User log in

1. User login and profile.2. User can order movie and watch at home

3. Billing and others

Consumer devices usage:

1. User can use devices/PC/Laptop/Iphone/IPad and all
2. He can play/view using the same /other device.

New systems architecture decisions:

Usually systems were build to eliminate failures. In this architecture the system data will have replicas to have fail-safe system. The data will be synced across the three systems. Also the systems were build on geography wise which will help to have system available at the all system.

Few features/decisons

1. Fail-safe systems

2. Cloud based solution.

3. Need a system, which can support the data/traffic elasticity.  it has chosen to move to cloud based solutions which needs to dedicated services on pay as you go.  Also which are elastic in nature as orders at any given point may vary quite lot in weekends and holidays

AWS is cloud system

During analysis they found AWS (Amazon Web Services) only can support at the point of time and very reliable.

But existing infra is very different, also not that scale. Team needed to retrained and additional new AWS experts and also people who can build at great skills need to hired.

SQL or NoSql :

Also systems are way different in architecture wise. Old system are based on RDBMS concepts. Also total systems architecture should change. The cloud /AWS supports nosql . Need to change the way of working.

Oracle vs non Oracle:

Systems should under go change the way working.

Single server vs Distributed architecture.

Google distributed architecture is the key to the way forward on they future architecture.

Loadbalancer to distribute the tragic and database system.

Memcache is build around so that cached data will be used, which helps the system /data availability with in fraction of sec.

Casandra system is used.


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2. Netflix web sites 

3. Netflexi


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