Why agile is fragile?

This is my second article on this  same subject. Blog readers suggested me write more details on this subject.

There is lot of learning in reviewing on the project and change the direction of the project.

Always search on the firms internal blog’s or forums on the same subject. Or talking to your SME ( subject matter experts).

Coming to the subject matter,  on agile project let us take an example of working on something of like Facebook.  This is just an example.

Simple use case is
1. Login screen
2. User profile screen
3. File upload options.

It is misunderstanding we donot to do any document in our agile journey. All our software engineering principles still apply.

As a team we need define roles and responsibilities.

1. Stake holders : who will be  able use this features. These people are either internal or external customers. We need one  spoc who will be responsible for getting funding or signoff on use cases.

2. Program Manager: The designation and role may be different from project to proje t..

This person may have team across the firms or organization .

a. Hardware team or infrastructure team or cloud computing team.
b. Engineering team or software development team including design team
c. Sales and support team
d. Business analyst
e. Test and user acceptances team.

Now we also need to do document a simple  business plan as well all roles and response.

We have deviated little bit on the R & R.

Let us understand the above project needs go live next year end.  We need backward planning on this.

What we would expect program manger to come with plan on mpp on and charts. And should able to publish same.

We have discussed on use cases and R & R. We also needs to come up with proper planning on incremental delivery as well as parallel delivery.

We need define delivery and also scope of work.  Keep in mind every delivery must have same set of the process and guidelines.
1.  Release cycle time
2.  Release guidelines
3.  SLA
4. Check points and all
5. Deployment, test, acceptance

with incremental models and setup we can able to get the final delivery.

More details afterwards. Please feedback