management has to manage -1

This is my second article on the same title.
There are several start-ups which transformed the industry by their work on distributed computing as well as cloud areas.

The firms are empowering the people in many ways

1. Allowing the resources to work on cutting edge technology as well as motivating teams to innovate.

2. 20 percent Google time, hack time of Linked In , 3M’s percent time of innovation are great motivators.  There is also one more article on the same subject.

This will help teams to utilize their time on productive work, firms can utilize manpower.

Management’s primary job is to find problems and streamlines for betterment team and their motivation.

When Google started they had vision and recruited right team, who are motivated enough.    They have many distinguished engineers like Chuck Norris and Indian Rajinikanth’s  (Jeff DeanMarissa Mayer)

Also one article I wrote on “Rock star developers from India“. This article highlights some of the top cream people, who were of Indian Origin (I guess).

3.   Many years back when Microsoft entered embedded system, the focus in the firms ate not there. Microsoft able to captured whole embedded and mobile industry with windows   CE / Microsoft Windows embedded product line.

After that Linux, Symbian,  Apple , Samsung products took on them.

4. In Telxon Corporation our management has collected best teams to work on best product line.

•After series of typical American style mergers and take over’s not sure where that product line was. For old timers who were in Telxon corp , this was dream firm.

•symbol  acquired Telxon

•Motorola  acquired  Symbol

•Google acquired Symbol

•Who acquires Google ??

We were trained by best industry experts related to embedded   boot loader diagnostic software tools. Which was latter utilized by pcb/ manufacturing diagnostic area.

Please feedback, if title needs to be changed.


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