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Hope you are all doing well. I am very   happy to have you as a my blog reader.  I am very fortunate to have many people like you.
2001 – Texas- The woodlands
Way back 2001, have started writing blogs, when I was working in USA. I was not good at HTML and all, also tools were not available like blogspot (at that time). You can see this very primitive.
1.     Few blogs on “embedded links”
2.     Education related links
3.     FAQ (job interviews)
2005 – to 2008   
I joined MNC services firm in 2005 and started working on embedded project. After I moved to Telecom project.. Role was “E2E Delivery Manager”. Even though has done project management for years, agile project execution was new.
In 2008, have visited UK, and was working on Agile Project management stuff (for major telecom firm).
Some of my ex project mate joined the same team, and we were spending lot of time in understanding “Role and Responsibility” and how this job is different from “Generic PM Role”
After everybody left wanted to document my learning’s, and did not want to write on same paper, though of putting in web format. After some research, found “blogspot”. First few blogs emerged like that.
My first few blogs were centered on agile methodology and E2E delivery.
After that based on my colleagues and friends feedback and encouragement, have written few more articles. Each blog might have different inspiration of either reading or discussion with team and my managers. In the same blogs, I used comment, why I have written and where I have written (In Train, Bus or waiting for a friend)
Travel between Hyderabad to Pune, viceversa and also most of articles are edited/documented on my home computer/laptop.  
This was involved in writing draft on paper. And some are either directly edited or posted on blogspot.
Also I wrote some as someone wanted to know architecture on embedded systems and some testing principles.
Some articles were written to explain some concepts in linked and orkut forums.  Have written windows ce versions article, this article is biggest googled one. Also some articles on recession and career to answer query in Linked In.
Last few months mostly reading lot of stuff on cloud computing and many articles.  This was augmented by purchase of Samsung s3 smart phone.
As backup and to cater to different audience, have created account and did re-posted same articles.
Recently started posting in my Tumblr blog place, this caters different sect of audience.
I will write more on the same subject. Please feedback.

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