New beginning

Wish you happy new year to my readers.
Last year most of the articles are centered around cloud computing and architecture of new technology firms, who innovate and increased revenue model, also did sustain in long run.
Technology is changing,  and firms an innovating.
People started looking at futuristic role models to augment the technology in the profile.
The expectation from the firms are increasing.
1. How you can reduce the time of the current activity?
2. How can you enhance skills of individual and also entire team?
3. How smaller firm with small team can bring in lot of value add?
4. Every thing boils down  to how can we think to change the current mode ?
5. Valueadd of the project ?
6. How do leverage current work and move to next stack?
7. How do we stick 70 percent in current revenue generation and look for new revenue models?
8. We do we motivate your ground staff to work on higher roles?

There are many we can think of for now , please comment on your ideas to rock new year. 

Best wishes and besyof luck for future .

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