Great teams are hard to get :)

During you career, there may be very few projects, where you might have enjoyed working.

Getting a right team/project/firm will be great help in any one’s career. Teams/projects could be formed with great care. Few years of great work, would place ahead of others.

Team/Lead should able to guide team on “roles and responsibilities”. Once every one is aware of roles and proper guidelines in a project will shape a project a better place to work.

•Every individual should be properly trained
•Roles must be explained
•Monitoring of the person/team should happen in regular intervals.
•One of the great books “One Minute Manager” should be guideline for new engineers, Managers and Leaders

Working together:

1.When you are part of the team, you better  work on resolution, than creating more problems.
In above picture, when issue is found, team should come together and support each other, in solving the problem
What is wrong there?
  • The design may be incorrect , the coding part is properly not done. 
  • Rather than looking for whom to blame, as leader/manager, should able to progress, the work/task.

Once we solve the problem, same should be avoided in next journey. So create a better process, or check point, the particular process, which should be reviewed by entire team/SMEs” (Subject Matter  Experts).
2. Team must work with co-ordination, for that managers/leaders should create environments (collaborative). Although I would say this is every individual role and responsibility.
This shows manager/leader who is trying to solve the problem. There were great leader I worked , I already mentioned in earlier articles
  • One of manager, I used to work is very nice to the team and he was true leader.( I wrote this blog , Manager Vs Leader). This person has spent good amount of time in building a great-responsible team. When the manager was good and helpful, team will stretch their limits. Some time’s teams will go  “extra mile” for better results.  
  • You can see product, I have worked on, where product’s are built with a great team,management and support. 
3. The culture of organization also creates  energy, so that teams work to fulfill a common goal. 
Management must able to set one goal/couple of goals, whole team/organization should be able to work on the goal. Unless management gives freehand, and motivation to work, team will not be able to do with great dedication.
Usually start-ups will have great teams (most of the times), enough motivations to the work
  • Monitory benefits
  • Great learning
  • Stretching persons and Team limitations
3. Need to understand goals of the projects/program and driver towards it. For every you need people, who can help to progress and forward the same. 

This requires team should know the goals of the project and all guidelines to work on. 
4. Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.- Henry Ford

Henry Ford set a direction the firm, entire firm worked to finish to build a car 
5. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. – Michael Jordan

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