Leadership and Innovation

As the organization grows or for making on organization, you need leaders. These are essential seeds of organization.These individuals are key to the growth of organization.
We will see few leaders, who changed the industry

(RIP) Steve Jobs as a leader:

Steve Jobs a thought leader. Thanks to great Silicon Valley culture   He has built great second line leadership, which   helped firm to have good structure.

One of second line was responsible to structure the commanders. In one of conference call, they have found production issues in other country. Immediately that manager asked other member to close by next week. Immediately team member directly drove directly to airport to catch next flight and he resolved issues in the production.

Steve jobs did created rift between few groups, when seniors in organizations questioned him, he mentioned he is creating competitions within groups and finally he was fired from the organization he has built.

Later he has built great products and soon he has created different verticals. Later the Apple called him back, as they couldn’t able to manage.  He mentioned this was great experience to getting once own firm. This was helpful to refocus the priorities.

•He has built a product with great innovation.
•Steve jobs would create, what customers needs? He has the revolutionized the mouse concept.

•Steve Jobs is the one in golden circle of the innovation.(see Video of Goldern Circle ” Golden Circle essence by Simon Sinek” )

golden circle simon sinek

•Steve jobs innovation fits in to the “Blue Ocean strategy of innovation“.

•Steve’s innovation fits in first part of the innovation diagram.

Jack Welch’s leader ship

Jack Welch was during earlier years in the firm meet his senior executive and said, he is leaving the firm, as his ambitions and is not meeting company’s goals. Later senior gave him enough team solve the problems and he was later became CEO of the firm.

During the firms downturn he was responsible trimming down excess people, during the same time he has built facility to build the leadership team. During tenure he did fifty acquisitions.

His successor was chosen, who was able to different style than his way.

Google founders as leaders in innovation.

Google main focus is on search engine.  Using things they learned in university they started building the team in silicon valley.  They set direction and hired a best talent to take innovation to the heights.

Further Reading :
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