Software Engineer’s dilema

Here few interesting points of software engineer, may be in random order

For many years, I am was software engineer at heart, may be I am getting old but still few fundamentals are intact.
1. Essential part of the job is to understand, what is core purpose of the piece you are working, when the task is assigned,
2. We used work with manager, he used always says, when your are listing to the problem, do not jump on the implementation part.

  • Understand the problem
  • Find out if any one has implemented the same with different name. Part of engineer job will be be easy, when you have good networking skills (no CCNA stuff πŸ™‚ ). While working at Agilent technology, we used to joke, same thing being done with so many different names . 
  • Make notes of the problem, how you do this. Understand the logic, if you are doing modification in the code. 
  • Write a small piece, than changing so many things at a time

3. Fundamentals are key, don’t work on “code and fix” model.
4. Fix it it when breaks
5. Start updating resume once in three months. If there is nothing to update, your  are screwed πŸ™‚

  • You may doing same bug fixing, or working on “performance tuning”, or doing manual testing. Even then understand what you are doing. Prepare yourself to go-to next level.
  • Start attending interviews, understand the gap between you and market. 
  • Visit the library, pick-up some books. Start reading, and update the required skills to keep your tempo up and running.
  • Find good friends, who will keep you god spirits. And join a forum, where you can upgrade your skills
6. Start updating resume once in three months. If there is nothing to update, your  are screwed πŸ™‚
7. Ask your manager and peers, who can guide you to reach your career ladder.
8. Use some one as role model, pick-up write things from individuals. 
9. Distribute your money in different accounts, so that you can use in bad times. 
10 Steer your career, the path you would like.  Every geography has different taste.  
11. Look at what is value-add to the the project, how can we reduce work-load of manager, by doing things required by group
12. How can we motivate other engineer, who is lagging in something.
13. Spend some time in coaching and helping , giving KT to others.
14. Start blogging on things , you are looking out. You will be well connected with people. People always asking write-on somethings. 
Please feel free to comment and how you liked this.  
See you soon

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