My start-up journey :)

I wish this is not biography , people would not like to read my journey, just few bits of the journey. Even though you feel, I should not have written this.

Let us start without getting into names of firms and people:)

 Life was going smoothly, my managers told me to apply for passport. We used to live in posh locality of Bangalore then. House owner was my ex-colleague.  And finally I applied for passport. And then by mistake gave three different states of India.  After several weeks, I got my passport.

  • Consulting firm arranged a interview with client in USA. 
  • Interview went very well, I came to know that I am going to replace my colleague who is leaving the current project. This person is same one I replaced when I joined this consulting firm from Hyderabad though πŸ™‚
    • Back to future:
      • Few years back, I used work n Hyderabad based “Instrumentation firm”, which used to work on “Meters/Indicators of flow of certain liquids” 
      • We used work on processor based equipment in Assembly and C language
      • Consulting firm came to Hyderabad looking for persons with same kind of skills. My friend’ friend was attending same interview. 
      • That time my salary was 150 USD top per month.
      • In our firm there punching system, we have report to office by 9 PM. If you reach two minutes late also, your half day salary will be deducted. 
      • Earlier day to interview, we have attended a wedding function of my class mate, could only get-up at 8 AM. You need start at least by 7 Am, if you were to reach office by 9 AM. 
      • I though of going to interview, did search for my typed resume (using olden style type writer . And my friend dropped me at the hotel. 
      • There was video running, on the monitor it was 11 AM when I reached the interview location
      • I gave my resume, and thinking that, I will be rejected. After ten minutes two people called me and interview went very well. They asked how much you want as remuneration  I told them 200 Dollars per month. They just laughed and told that is too high
      • They told me we pay any where between 900 to 1200 USD.  I was speechless :). Got fainted.
      • They asked when I am available for telephonic, and said after two weeks, they requested fro early time, and finally “face-2-face interview” in Bangalore. 
      • After I finished my interview they told me to move to Bangalore
  • And finally after working in consulting firm few years, started looking out as I was bored at doing eight hours job for week.  My manager used to assign few wrappers a week. These wrappers were to test certain functionality. 
  • My consulting firm paid bonus and additional amount for staying on bench. Finally I could not stay on bench for any longer (in USA though :))
  • I sent ten resumes, got so many calls, and finally settled on one Texas based firm in “Handheld scanners”
  • This firm I got more than I was dreamed off πŸ™‚
  • Device driver developmental and also operating system areas ( Embedded Windows CE). This was core experience,  I was hired far.
  • Recession was just in time. Our company got folded and firm which took over threw 95% of team and we are look out for job , once again πŸ™‚
  • There comes a start-up with lot of perks, I was asked to implement same thing I worked on earlier firm 
  • Recession was just in time. Our company got folded and firm which took over threw 15% of team and we are look out for job , once again πŸ™‚
  • Again one more bio-medical start up: They asked me to work on porting of device from “X” to “Y”
  • Firm was so good,  and finally day has come, the R&D is closed in that product area πŸ™‚
  • Back to job search again πŸ™‚
  • Landed in same firm, which took-over our texas firm. 
  • after-one year H1B expired πŸ™‚
What next?
Please comment πŸ™‚

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