Use Cases of cloud in patient care

Thanks for over-warming response and suggestions to my articles in cloud area.  Here in this article, would like to take few case studies have studied in patient care area.

Cloud just IT?

1. Like every start-up/not techie firms,  people will be interested to go far cloud, as it easier to set-up/use/pay-as-you go mode
2. It also helps users to access the across their centers (small office) , so that infra arrangements can be avoided
3. It is also used to data sharing /data repository across the various centers

Medical Problem

Problem: Head distortion in kids:

Doctor in USA analyzed this due to issues in the sutures (lines) in the head

Cause: Due to birth defects in Suture in the head

Skull of a newborn.

Effect: Due to birth defects in Suture in the head

The biggest obvious consequence of having craniosynostosis is that your head shape gets very abnormal and it increases the pressure inside the skull, having potential to damage the brain,” Cunningham says.

Solution: Data storage and analysis with cloud and associated technologies

Doctors says, if this data is stored in some cloud will help them to analyze faster. They need to go throw tera bytes information , to quickly resolve the patient issue 
Hope you liked this article. Will write more articles  on other industry segments.  Please feedback 

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