Know your Manager/Boss

In career spanning many years, had worked with variety of bosses and managers. You would see these traits in your experience.   Some of the below are based on what heard/seen in my career.

1.Friendly manager

This term is just coined by me, you can see the the below pictures, where you can understand these people are collaborative. Team like’s them very much. 
American way of open-management helps lot. Things are done collaboratively, team can be stressed very less. 
As manager goes-up the ladder, they would learn to help teams, and teams will be able finish the task with good productivity and success.

They know teams well, and involve in problem solving at hand than creating more troubles to team.  One of manager was always at work,when people approach him with major issues, he used provide solution or show the path to complete the task.

When some one is friendly/co-operative, team will also try to open-up discuss issues with them. He/she is like friend who helps you to accomplish things.

One of earlier firm Sr VP, was so approachable, and have very good connections at all levels. In room of 20 people, this person able to guide on BOM/Software, which one to use, who will be the contact point for issues resolution.

We always have great manager, efficiently manage teams, and work.

2.2.Toughest boss:

This kind bosses are very problematic.

Common symptoms:

1. Micro-managing :  Micro managing at the slippage on the tasks or at the time of very  complex project is ok, but not always .
These person needs to to daily reports/hourly reports. Log-in/log-out reports of your and entire team.  These  will create more problem teams, teams are busy making reports an sending status reports as always.
2. Bosses who complain on every issues:
Bosses Behaving Badly
3. Passive Aggression: Un provoked attack on people for no-reason, constant verbal/e-mail attack

Some bosses are very tricky, they would need you to memorize mission, vision, Sales target/team size/ average team age and so on . Welcome to kinder-garden school 🙂

With tough bosses, people would not open-up, and teams would be afraid to approach, and  the problems will be more.

Please share feedback, and also let me know if any other type you can add?


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