One Minute "micro" Manager ……

In your experience you might have seen people , who care for very minute details in work , family life or business.
1. Few people are born such a way that, everything they would like to track.  At my relative place,  this person, wants to do control every minute at home. How to turn on the tap/close that tap an so on. This needs a great skill.
2. If you are controlling every steps, like you spoon-feed or each step of a kid. In my opinion  we have to let  go and provide freedom from working/managing.
3. People constantly fear some unknown thing will happen, if minute details are not reviewed or captured. 
4.  Micro-manager is  24/24 hours person. He/she is always at work or working
5. Micro management is ok, when there is very crucial work, but not always
6. Micro manager would not value people or he/she thinks, unless they involve, no task can be completed.
7. People/Management will do micro-management, when they fear particular task is not completed. If you do not distribute your time across the board, other things will fall-out-of-place
I guess this is enough to give you my feelings .

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