Learning Organization

Learning organisation

A learning organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself

1. System thinking

a. System thinking may be high-level view what we need to build as a organization

b. If you are start up environment your team should able to document what we are doing. What customers want?

c. In product or service firms need to have set-process which will help.


d. Here scope of work, everything must be crystal clear.

2. Personal Mastery

Here individual to master the process, this may be organization process or industry process. This might have including business and product modelLearning organizations should be able to setup process and create organization to help individuals to accomplish their goals.

Management should be able to provide guidance of organizations strategy.  Without strategy it is like driving somewhere.  And ever effort you put in does not help anyway

 3. Mental models

These are may be block diagrams or process flow charts, which helps individuals to work on.

4. Shared vision

Here organisation is built around employees. And its a common vision from  across the organisations.  It helps to build a organisations where every one works  at same level.If there is no shared vision and values are followed , organization will become like below traffic.

5. Team Learning

The development of a shared vision is important in motivating the staff to learn, as it creates a common identity that provides focus and energy for learning
Disclaimer:  concept and some of picture are from Wikipedia and other organizations.

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