What Color Is Your Parachute?

Is your resume/CV good?

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2013: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

 The moment I thought of writing something Resume/CV, I realized a great book of job search is here.  This is “Dale Carnegie” kind of self-help for the job hunters. This book is also constantly being revised to suite with times. This will help the job searcher to get on hold what needs to be done, in job hunting.

Keeping this aside, let us digress on the intended title/main heading.

Resume –  A business card

1. It should give a quick info on what you are , what you have accomplished

blogger, writer, Author

Chief Technologist(cloud computing)

2. Avoid in first person

3.  Summary of Resume would help

Worked on  “Sales Tool Automation” software in Java/.Net 

4.  Re-write resume from scratch:

This help to keep the flow in resumes.  Many years ago you might be software engineer, now you might be “program manager”

Rewriting will help you write with fresh perspective.

4.  You resume should have skill-sets or keywords to get a telephonic call.

Content writing,  blogging, creative writing, Marketing 

5. You have just 10 secs to get an attention

10, 9, 8 ……….

Better , create a clean resume, not less nor more.

6.  Write on what you have accomplished

7. Do spell-check

8. Mention your publications, blogs , PhD and training program

9. Publish less contents on job portals, so that recruiter will come back and ask you for detailed resume.

10. Avoid listing same jobs you have done in particular firm , you can group them

Plumber at  Home depot, Johnson controls ,  Macy’s 

11. Be a salesman

Had enhanced department revenue by 50% in two years

12. Stand-out in crowd

13. Mention Skills, tenure, Education Goals, work ethics and so on

14. Do not write “auto biography”
15. Write what you did, and mention precisely about the projects/work you have done
Build Barnes/Nobel store, Painted Amazon sales office 

16. Get it reviewed by friends

17. Write in simple English, so that recruiters can understand and it will go through right teams

18. Do-not use current firm jargon, convert it equivalent  industry terminology

You might have worked “wolverine” internal code project for “SBAS” , instead expand “SAP based Accounting system”.

19. Edit number time, until you got good formatted resume

If this is useful or you want suggest, will gladly accept modify the contents.


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