Managing Harry – a knowledge worker

Managing Knowledge worker 

In the era of Internet/Face book generation, technology is changing. Have written articles on “team member

1.Who is Knowledge worker?

The following are skills of Knowledge worker [1]
Knowledge worker skill

Following are few pointers for effective leadership and management

2.Managing knowledge worker is key

In media player project, we had always had great team. One of my team member was inducted has good reference from my senior colleague. This person has later become star performer. We could not believe speed at which he has contributed.
Cannon Media Player project

Believe me this is not easy one.In Texas handheld firm, we have hired intern from American university. He created wonders in the work.

Telxon Handheld scanner

As knowledge people need good work environment, also infrastructure needed.  Google, face book and great infrastructure and freedom for theses teams enhancement.

If you have great people like Jeff Dean and rock-stars , you have to be extra efforts in providing right environment to stars.

3. Respect the individual/Team

Every one is expecting respect in work they are doing. As the team grows and work increases and complexity increases, Managers responsibility increases.

It is always better to have good roles and responsibilities.  Have leads for each team, who can take care of team.

4. Employee Motivation

  • Keeping employees motivated by monitory benefits and infinite learning.
  • As manger you have to distribute your responsibility, in addition to current aligned task.
  • Employee needs constant motivation and need the work on the particular task in particular fashion.

5. Organization connectivity 

How will organization and employee is connected? 
  • It is mandatory to have leader or managers to help teams to achieve what they want.
  • This will help everyone to grow in the project and firm. 
  • Unless employee is aware the Roles and responsibility, he/she can achieve a per goals of organization 

6. Challenge the team 

As a lead you must expose develop the team in known area. Always bring in external team, if current team has some issues in understand.

8. Different strokes for different folks

Using Situational leadership: According to Kenneth Blanchard (author of one minute manager),  Leadership style goes beyond traditional autocratic or democratic leaders.

8. Teams creation is art.

Need to select right tempo people/members. Wrong selection of team members will throw out balance of the project boat.
Need to involve team in any decisions.  Need to have team support in-order have good execution.  Always keep good discussion before hiring/firing decisions.

9. How do you treat people?

Treat them like you want them to be treated. No explanation required here.

10. Power, position, capacity will keep on changing.  

  • Keep your ego out of back of pocket.
  • Unless you have team buy-in and support, otherwise you will be lone-ranger.

11. Job rotation is key.

 Keep having rotation either employee initiated or project initiated.  End of the day team member to be benefited.

Your comments and suggestions are needed.


1. Knowledge worker skills
2. Pictures (copy rights of respective owners)


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