Technical Ladder VS Management Ladder

Technical vs Management  ladders

Technical ladder :

This is one place, where  cluster of jobs where technical skills are utilized to meet technical   capabilities  of the project or work.

Management ladder:

This is more on people management, not much on technical stuff, more on deliveries and team management. 

The above two roles can be considered for any industry (manufacturing, chemical, petrol chemical and so on) in addition to software industry.

Ideal  of Dual Career Path

Texas Instruments and chip maker firms 

Dual ladder in practice. 

This is my thoughts on how this actually works. Also this is also can be implemented, where ome times both ladder can be equal.

In product firms also start-ups like Facebook, Google, Quora, Microsoft and all, you can find great “technical leads” available, with a great potential to solve technical problems and design problem a well

Some of Job Descriptions on Technical Manager 

1. The Technical Team Lead should have deep knowledge and practical experience in software design, from design concept creation to development and release and possess excellent communication abilities. 

2. Fantastic opportunity with leading Investment banks across India, who are looking for Passionate Technologist having hands on coding and development experience.

3. Will lead the team of functional, technical consultants in the functional areas/s of SD, FICO, MM, HCM, Project Systems, BI, BO etc.

4. Architect with 12yrs of overall experience. Strong in technology architecture and design of complex, enterprise-level applications and systems.

6+ years of relevant J2EE enterprise architecture, data architecture experience

Required qualities of Technical ladder?

1. Highly tech savvy in terms software tools an technologies
2. constant  technical problem solver
3. People consider this person has “Technical Evangelist”
4. Person, who would software architecture in-around system firm is working on

Required qualities of Management ladder?

1. People Management
2. Budget an deliveries
3. Staff issues
4. Project life cycle management

Which one is better?

1. Base on your capability
2. If you are having  technical skills, not keen on “People Management” consider technical
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Credits: onepetro, TVG, VinayD


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