Rise of Samsung Empire

Samsung started as small fish and noodles to supplier to small village in south Korea in 1969. And now south Korea is called as Samsung city.

With out going int too many details, let us see how the firm transitioned to major smart-phone vendor/leader in certain segments

1. Cultural convergence:

Hybrid culture is formed by intermixing western and Japanese culture.

2. Open door and HR polices aligned to west.

3. Insider team’s outside : Existing Korean people were sent on the on-site or outside the country. Six month’s of intensive language and/or culture exposure, contacts building was emphasized. After that teams will be given promotion and asked to implement same in Korean based office.

4. Non Korean teams with good industry experience is hired (across the globe). And they were kept on the jobs to train best practices in the firm.

5. Entire innovative operations are kept under ceo. Progress is closely monitoring by respective seniors in organizations.

Above methods made Samsung to beat the competition.

Please feedback, how you like this?


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