Top ten items of technical project managers

In software industry this is multi functional role with specialist and management role. This is rare bread of the skill, which IT industry needs.

1.This individual would  have gained enough technical skills and can do attitude.

2.This person more might have done team lead role with strong  fundamental in technology,  architecture,  processes.

3. In addition to the above a project management experience which has additional characteristics of this person.

4. This is dual role which person to balance.

5. In client or project calls, this person can balance technical and management kind. And can take decisions on the spot.

6. Sometimes too much in both areas makes tasks tougher than single task You are bound to tend towards one are other area

7. As technical manager, this person can lead/build team in technical front very well.

8. This role is most suited product firms, where you need to have minuted details, on technical implementation.

9. This person can code, design, architect in addition to project management.

10. Even though company’s prefer both elements in one person, getting relevant domain/skills will be difficult.


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