So called Financial Freedom firms :) Part2

Financial freedom firms

In previous blog I wrote about financial freedom firms. After reading Mukund’s article on the “Pickup lines of Indian entrepreneurs”, I want to enhance the article I wrote earlier.
Every nook and corner of the world, who will be trying sell a product, chain business, about some gods product.
Place/Year: The Woodlands, Houston , Texas [1999 March ??]
An Indian (Chennai based american citizen, with russian girl friend) says hello in our apartment complex. After that we meet several times, he told me he is doing job as well as start-up firm.
Day-1: He called me and asked for my appointment in the weekend . 
After 2 days: He called me and cancelled the appointment (in pre-text of business trip)
After 8 days: Again takes appointment and skips due to business trip.
After 10 days: He gave some material and CD’s on business promotion. This is about chain business, where
 they sell soaps, liquids and stuff via web
After 20 days: Finally he came to my demonstrated soap, which spoiled the cloth and bowl
After 25 days: He sent me e-mail for business meet on the weekend. He took me to one apartment and it is again like demo of foods and oils.

It took a while get this person out-of-our site and life πŸ™‚

Place/Year: The Woodlands, Houston , Texas [2000 Apr]

We meet Indian person at shopping mall, and we found out with same above “financial freedom stuff”

Place/Year: San Jose , CA[2003 Apr]

I meet  old colleague, and he is into mind-control activity [xyz mission]. He took me to breathing control ashram. Finally I am on run, to get away from this person πŸ™‚

Place/Year: Pune, India[2007 to till date]
1. Again bumped into chain business persons, and that was inspiration to write my first article.
2. After torture from my ex colleague, I took membership of 6000 RS INR stuff. Finally that firm got bankrupted.. I am yet to get 5900 rupees [ Got 100 rupees over ten months].

Final word: 

This is about my experience, please share yours.


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