Service Oriented Architecture (Part 3)

Service Oriented  Architecture 

This is further two articles SOA-0, SOA-1
In the second article the following diagram used, felt need to explain a bit elaborate 

Service Oriented  Architecture (High level)

Service application layer:

This will have elementary services that expose/consume services.  This may be CRM, Legacy, ERP packages which are shown in the block.
This services are used by service choreography layer
Diagram 1: Layers of SOA 

Service Choreography Layer:

This layer exposes the “service applications  via this layer. This layer typically used to expose “the services” as part of the “Enterprise Architecture”
If you assume ticketing system (Single-sign-on, 1Rail1, Bus1, Ship1, Airoplane1, credit card payment). Service layer will have Rail1, Bus1, Ship1, Airoplane1, Single Sign-on, Credit card payment
If Enterprise business wants only Rail reservation for the current “business” road map  then this layer would have only Rail1, single sign-on , credit card payment

User Interface Application Layer 

This layer will have “users” who will access “Business functions”. UA1 ==> Rail, UA2 ==> Bus, UA3 ==> Train and so on.

Business Process Layer 

SOA solutions consists of the application that implement business process. Each business process need to be automated.

Service Oriented  Architecture (Medium level)

The following diagram 2 shows more details

Integration Layer (ESB)  

This is infrastructure to handle SOA solutions
  • Description
  • Discovery
  • Intelligent routing
  • Routing
  • Protocol Mediation 

QoS (Quality of Service)

This will take care of follwoing
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Availability of SOA solutions
Diagram 2: Layers of SOA 



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