SOA Testing is rocket science

SOA Testing

As SOA testing is complicated in terms of amount understanding and  knowledge required by the tester on the technology and architecture level.

Figure 1: Elements of SOA, by Dirk Krafzig, Karl Banke, and Dirk Slama

This is unlike traditional testing framework  Without creating proper road plan this is very difficult. Have spent good amount of the SOA, before embark on “SOA testing” article.

Have earlier associated with a project, where we had faced enough problems.

Without proper testing this will mess-up the system
1. SOA talks about re-usability. Need to check how we can verify this. Several application needs to be tested.

2. Service will have several consumers, how do we check if “consumer” is not changed due to the service exposed?
3. If you look at following diagram, you would know complexity of this. You have to verify all interactions at all levels.


1. SOA Testing 
2. SOA Skillset: Testing Architect
3. SOA Testing Framework


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